Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Can't do it!

When I get ready to check out at the grocery store, the automated checkout machine always says to me, "Please swipe your club card or your alternate ID. ----- I have to chuckle as I think to myself, "I would swipe my alternate ID but I can't right now because .....my zipper's stuck! LOL/.
Alright then --- Today I got my 120-Thousand-Volt electronic dog zapping baton and now I feel I can be safer when I take my daily long walks through the neighborhoods. ----- The idea behind the dog zapper is that if a vicious dog comes out, teeth bared, ready to remove a chunk of my ankle, I can touch it with the Zapper and laugh as the smoke comes out its ass and it falls dumb and dazed to the ground for the 20 minutes it takes for the thing to recover. ----- No permanent damage to the dog will be done and I will have time to flee the scene to safer ground.

In tandem with the dog zapper, I also received the shipment of my 7.9-ounce "Bear Repellent" spray that will temporarily blind an attacker --- again so that I can escape the scene and call the police. --- The bear repellent spray is said to be strong enough to effectively disarm an attacking pit bull so I am hoping that I never have to use it but if I do, it is at my side. (In a provided holster). (Armed and ready to go.).
Salt pork is not the same as bacon even though it can look a lot like bacon on the grill. Salt pork has a lot more fat (and therefore a lot more flavor) than bacon and it is fairly cheap at the super market checkout -- so ... is it good for you if you eat it every day? --- Is anything good for you if you eat it every day? --- Have you ever had salt pork and eggs for breakfast? -- Have you ever made yourself a salt pork, lettuce and tomato sandwich on toasted white bread? --- If you have had one of these calorie/cholesterol bombs, what do you think you have done to the veins that circulate the blood throughout your body?
It was almost midnight and the moon was shining brightly above the dense dark wooded area where I was camping for the night. There was a soft, misty rain beginning to fall, cooling the night somewhat and dampening the soft carpet of waist-high grass and underbrush surrounding my tent next to the rushing creek that was, just a few short minutes ago, very serene, very subdued. Flash flood? No -- probably not --- just a swelling stream from rain upstream.

I was thinking about stripping naked ----

Now, use your imagination to fill in the rest of the scene or wait until I type the second installment of it. (And thank you for your kind and rapt attention.)

Fouorteen-Year-Old Running For Governor In Vermont

" . . .Yep! Unlike most states, Vermont has no age requirement for gubernatorial candidates, only a residency requirement. Sonneborn, who has lived in Bristol for 14 years — his entire life — makes the cut. . . "
This kid is legally running for governor of the State of Vermont and he isn't even old enough to vote yet according to all the reports I have read.

My Personal Opinion ----- "My personal opinion on this one is that I kind of hope the kids gets elected because he might do as good a job or even a better job than some of the adults on the ballot.

But --- in a more restrained note, let me also say that there might be a need for some of the lawmakers in Vermont to take a fresh look at their election laws. If what is going on there is on the legal up and up then I imagine it is entirely for the entire state government of the State of Vermont to end up being populated by pre-schoolers, kindergartners and Teens. 

Toxic Red Algae Threatens Florida Tourism And Wildlife!


" . . .There is more clarity on the causes of the cyanobacteria bloom: scientists believe that it is likely caused by warmer waters from climate change and polluted runoff from agriculture and urban areas surrounding Lake Okeechobee. . ."
My Personal Opinion ----- "Time for the Global Warming nay-sayers to take a fresh look at their idiotic denials about the effects of climate change and time for the profiteering greed-mongers to be reeled in on some of their runaway pollution technics and tactics.

Otherwise ... take what's coming and shut the fuck up about it!

Oklahoma School Cancels Classes Over Transgender Issues


"An Oklahoma school district cancelled classes Monday and Tuesday fearing demonstrations after threatening comments were discovered regarding a 12-year-old transgender student who used a girl’s restroom."
Read the article under the link I have provided for you at the start of this post.

One Blogger's Opinion ----- "School Districts and elected officials have stirred up all this Transgender crap through their insistence on focusing their attention onto issues surrounding equality, Gay rights and political correctness so now that the crap has begun to hit the fan in some places let those responsible for creating the mess in the first place deal with it!